The fast, lightweight, React-like, web-components library.

Why Wompo?

Wompo is built with native Javascript functionalities, meaning that it can run everywhere, wether you use a compiler or not. This also means that you can use Wompo and other libraries like React, Angular, Vue, etc. at the same time, without having to worry about conflicts.

Wompo is super fast, because there is no virtual DOM: only the dynamic parts of your components are updated, and cache is used heavily to ensure better performances when rendering the same component multiple times.

No need to learn advanced Javascript features, classes, the this keyword, or TypeScript: to use Wompo you only need to know basic Javascript, basic HTML, and basic CSS. Wompo is suitable for both beginners and experts.

Wompo is super light: less than 6kb minfied and gzipped. It will probably be the lighter part of your application, while still providing a lot of functionalities.
This will help keeping your loading time short if you care about your site's performance.

Shadow DOM?

Yes, but NO

Unlike other Web-components libraries, Shadow DOM is not enabled by default when building your components. Why?
Shadow DOM is great, but it can make your life harder: no global CSSs, no possibility to select elements through document.querySelector (which a lot of third party libraries rely on), and, first of all, the need to learn what Shadow DOM is and what it does.
Not really beginner friendly, huh?


Help Wompo to grow

Every kind of support on this project, even just a feedback on it, is highly appreciated!
You can further support the Wompo project by becoming a contributor or a sponsor, and be featured on this Website. You can also email lanninolore@gmail.com if you are actually using Wompo on your project and want to appear on this website, by describing your use-case and how Wompo improved your code.
The purpose of Wompo is to create easy-shareable components that can be used on every Web Environment, in cooperation with any library or framework, without needing to worry about compatibility issues or setting up compilers.

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